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  • Platinum 50 (50 Hour Course)

    Perfect for learners with no experience or haven’t driven for years. It’s also beneficial for candidates who are slightly nervous or have past trauma with driving. If you want to maximise everything, then this course is for you!

  • Gold 45

    This course is ideal for new drivers but need a little more help with their driving. Ideal for candidates who have not driven for a long time.

  • Gold 40

    Ideal for new 17 year olds or complete beginners. If you are starting your driving journey, this course package is best for you!

  • Gold 35

    Our most popular package! Ideal for candidates who've had 5 or less hours before. Free retest offer starts at this package!

  • Silver 30

    Our Silver 30 course is ideal for pupils who have had at least 15 hours of tuition with a driving instructor or have plenty of road experience with friends/family.

  • Silver 25

    Ideal if you've had 20 hours worth of driving. Perfect for qualified motorbike drivers with years of experience & learners who haven't driven in a while (5+ years).

  • Silver 20

    The Silver 20 course is perfect for candidates with over 25 hours of training, including those who may have relocated and need to pass a test in a new area.

  • Bronze 15

    Our Bronze-15 course is tailored for experienced drivers with 35+ hours of lessons, offering extra support to confidently pass their driving test on the first attempt.

  • Bronze 10

    The Bronze 10, is perfect for anybody who is ready enough to take a test, with hours of experience under their belt.

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